Night and Day, Story Prompt (BTVS)

Pairing: Buffy/Spike

Inspired by Seasonal Spuffy's latest theme.
Story takes place somewhere between seasons four and six of BTVS.

Angel may have signed away his Shanshu in his fight against Wolfram & Hart but once again, the PTB step in to give him another chance. Plagued with visions of what would have been if he hadn't become selfishly obsessed with Buffy, Angel is returned to the past with an anchored soul. But before he can have the life he wants with Cordy in Los Angeles, he must figure out how to convince a confused Buffy and a belligerent Spike that they are meant for each other. Starting with Riley's persistent gas-lighting of Buffy, Angel helps her realize how much he and Finn actually have in common. A huge part being confessing to and taking responsibility for his own manipulative, and sadistic behaviours in the past.

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