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Tutorial - How To Apply PSD Colorings In Photoshop

PSD colorings can be an amazing resource to change and/or blend the colors of a much so that I've become addicted to using them. Though it's important to remember, not all colorings will work with every photo so experiment until you find what works best for you.

First I start by choosing a psd coloring. There are thousands of free psd's available to download on deviantart. For this tutorial I'm using one of my own HERE. Then I open the psd file in photoshop, along with the photo I wish to apply it to.

Next, I select the psd coloring folder then place my curser over the coloring preview , right click and hold down on the mouse or laptop pad and drag the coloring over to the top of my original photo. If the graphic I'm working with has layers, I place my coloring folder above them, otherwise the coloring won't be visible. I might play around with the coloring settings to enhance my graphic even more. When finished I save my work as a PNG file and also a psd copy for future adjustments..

Last but not least, remember to give credit when using someone else's resources.

Tags: photoshop, psd coloring, tutorial

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