FANFICTION BANNERS BY JJ247 (javajunkie247) wrote,

Fanfiction Banner Requests Open

Looking for a unique banner or something fresh to update an old story, reply or message me with the info below and I'll be happy to help you out.

  • Summary, or link to your story.

  • Name of story, author, etc.

  • Character Images: (You can provide, or I can look for pictures myself. No gifs please)

  • Extra Images: Any other images you would like to be incorporated into the banner?

  • Additional Text: Any other text beside the title? (Optional)

  • Mood: Is it happy, sad, dark, etc...

  • Colors: Any specific colors you would like in the banner? (or don't want)

I spend a lot of creative energy designing so I will no longer take banner requests for stories without at least one chapter posted. If any of the banners I create are accidentally deleted, you can always download a copy from my Deviantart. My Standard banner size is 900x250 if you would like another size, please specify. As customary, when you post the banner, please credit me in your notes.

Examples of my work: HERE
Tags: request banner

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